* [[Acknowledgments]] [#v999b499]

> The following people and related organizations have contributed to the development of HTS in various ways.  It is their work that makes it all possible.  In no special order:

//- ''Keiichi Tokuda'' (current member)~
- ''Keiichi Tokuda'' (produce and design)~
Overall concept and design.

//- ''Keiichiro Oura'' (current member)~
- ''Keiichiro Oura'' (design and development, main maintainer)~
Implementation of hts_engine API and HSMMAlign. Testing out the version 2.0.1, 2.1, 2.1.1, 2.2, and 2.3. He is the current maintainer of HTS.

** Since HTS-2.3 [#fed81113]

- ''Shinji Takaki'' (current member)

** Since HTS-2.2 [#f3eb21b1]

- ''Sayaka Shiota'' (ex. member)~
Making of HTS Slides.

** Since HTS-2.1.1 [#p290ccdd]

- ''Kei Hashimoto'' (current member)

** Since HTS-2.0.1 [#z4a66e7a]

- ''Tomoki Toda'' (current member)~
Discussions and implementation of GV-based parameter generation algorithms.

** Since HTS-2.0 [#oadca1a9]

- ''Takashi Nose'' (current member)~
Testing out the version 2.0.

** Since HTS-1.0 [#o6ad4a9a]

- ''Heiga Zen'' (current member)~
Throwing away all old codes of HTS and rewriting them as HTS version 1.0, 1.1, 1.1b, 1.1.1, 2.0, 2.0.1, and 2.1.

- ''Junichi Yamagishi'' (current member)~
Testing out various clustering and adaptation algorithms.  Implementation of the CSMAPLR adaptation algorithm.

- ''Takayoshi Yoshimura'' (ex. member)~
Development of the first version of HTS.

- ''Masatsune Tamura'' (ex. member)~
Implementation of various speaker adaptation algorithms for HMM-based speech synthesis.

- ''Shinji Sako'' (current member)~
Applying HMM-based speech synthesis to audio-visual speech.

- ''Noboru Miyazaki''~
Implementation of the first version of MSD-HMM trainer for pitch pattern modeling.

- ''Tetsuya Yamada''~
Testing out various HMM training algorithms for HMM-based speech synthesis.

- ''Takashi Masuko'' (ex. member)~
Discussions in detail and implementing speech parameter generation algorithms.

- ''Takao Kobayashi''~
Discussions and supervising students working on speech synthesis.

- ''Tadashi Kitamura''~
Discussions and supervising students working on speech synthesis.

- ''Satoshi Imai''~
Supervising students working on speech synthesis.

- ''Alan Black'' (current member)~
Discussions about all aspects of speech synthesis, helping us to use Festival, and supplying speech databases.

** Special thanks [#md56a172]

- ''Steve Young, Phil Woodland, Mark Gales, Gunnar Evermann, and other HTK developers''~
Development of [[HTK>http://htk.eng.cam.ac.uk/]].

> and many other important contributors (we had to leave them out since they are too many).

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