Bug Reports

Before you report a bug, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions. It contains workarounds for more or less all the failure conditions for which we know a workaround. This includes a large fraction of the failures people seem to encounter in practice.

If that fails, please file a report using our Bugzilla report page. You can search for existing bugs using the Bugzilla query page (make sure you choose Valgrind as the "product"), or see all open bug reports at the Bugzilla all open bugs page. Anyone can search the database, but you need to open a Bugzilla account (instructions are on the page) to report a bug.

Because the Valgrind developers are busy, very busy, the quality of your bug report can make a big difference in how soon your bug gets fixed. Following a few simple guidelines helps us to help you. Here are some resources on how to write a good bug report:

    * Eric Raymond's and Rick Moen's How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
    * mozilla.org's bug writing guidelines
    * Simon Tatham's How to Report Bugs Effectively

If you have trouble with Bugzilla, or for some reason you don't think Bugzilla is appropriate for your report (although it probably is), contact the valgrind-users mailing list. We try to respond to most bug reports, but if we don't, it doesn't mean we are ignoring you; it may well be that the bug has been reported before.

When you report a bug, please give the following information:

    * The output of uname -a.
    * The full output you get when you run your program under Valgrind with the -v flag.

If you can produce a small test program that exposes the problem, that would be extremely useful. It is also useful to include your Linux distro version and glibc version. If you include all this information, you are much more likely to get a useful response.

Some bugs are fixed quickly, some take a long time to get fixed. Please be patient if your bug is not acted upon quickly. The great thing about Bugzilla is that bug reports do not get lost.

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