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[hts-users:01870] Re: Configuring HTS-demo_CMU-Arctic-SLT

Hi, Mumtaz

Where did you install 'swab' binary?
You should check it carefully.

-> '--with-sptk-search-path=/home/mumtaz/install/SPTK-3.2/bin'
If /home/mumtaz/install/SPTK-3.2/src/bin/swab
-> '--with-sptk-search-path=/home/mumtaz/install/SPTK-3.2/src/bin'
-> '--with-sptk-search-path=/home/mumtaz/install/SPTK-3.1/bin'
-> '--with-sptk-search-path=/home/mumtaz/install/SPTK-3.1/src/bin'

Keiichiro Oura

mumtaz mustafa wrote:
Thank you for your reply. I think my SPTK is installed correctly, and its path set in sptk-search-path. Because when I go to my /SPTK-3.2/bin, I can see swab compiled, and I can execute it. But why doesn't this path not being read in ./configire?


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    Subject: [hts-users:01866] Re: Configuring HTS-demo_CMU-Arctic-SLT
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    Date: Monday, January 5, 2009, 1:00 PM

    В Пнд, 05/01/2009 в 01:23 -0800, mumtaz mustafa пишет:
    > Hi,
    > I am trying to ./configure in HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT using the
    > following
    > ./configure \
> > --with-fest-search-path=/home/mumtaz/install/festival/examples \ > > --with-sptk-search-path=/home/mumtaz/install/SPTK-3.1/src/bin \
    >                  --with-hts-search-path=/home/mumtaz/install/hts/bin \
> > --with-hts-engine-search-path=/home/mumtaz/install/hts_engine_API-1.01/bin
    > But I get this error:
    > configure: error: Can't find swab of SPTK

    It's trying to explain you that it can't find the swab binary.

    SPTK must be installed and sptk-search-path should point to the
    installation binary folder. So swab must be present in a search path


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