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[hts-users:01910] Re: languages

As you know, HTS has been applied to various languages.

Currently I know Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Thai, English, German, Spanish, Catalan, European and Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Slovenian, Slovak, Croatian, Arabic, Farsi, Xhosa, bilingual (Mandarin-English), and polyglot versions of HTS.

I also know that French and Scottish Gaelic versions of HTS are now being built by Faculte Polytechnique de Mons and Arizona Univ., respectively.

Do you know any other versions of HTS?
Can you tell me the reference of those works?

Does anyone know any recent work applying HTS to new languages?
In addition to the above-mentioned languages, I heard that HTS had been applied to Hebrew, Zuru, various dialect of English, Hungarian, Indonesian, and Galic.

HTS has also been applied to Vietnamese here in ATR.


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