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[hts-users:01924] Parallel training by HERest

As far as I know, HERest supports parallel training as follows:

# non-parallel:
HERest -S trlist -I labs -H dir1/hmacs -M dir2 hmmlist    

# parallel (equivalent to the above command)
HERest -S trlist1 -I labs -H dir1/hmacs -M dir2 -p 1 hmmlist    # Part 1
HERest -S trlist2 -I labs -H dir1/hmacs -M dir2 -p 2 hmmlist    # Part 2
HERest                    -H dir1/hmacs -M dir2 -p 0 hmmlist dir2/*.acc    # Merging

It is obvious that only the training set is split.

My current problem is that I have a huge model file (i.e. dir1/hmacs being huge) and insufficient memory. So I am going to split the huge model file as well into small ones, such that each of them corresponds to a partial training list (i.e. trlist*). In other words, I wonder if the following commands work:

HERest -S trlist1 -I labs1 -H dir1/hmacs1 -M dir2 -p 1 hmmlist1    # Part 1
HERest -S trlist2 -I labs2 -H dir1/hmacs2 -M dir2 -p 2 hmmlist2    # Part 2
HERest                     -H dir1/hmacs  -M dir2 -p 0 hmmlist  dir2/*.acc    # Merging

I tried this way today but got an error numbered +7150. I am not sure whether HERest supports splitting not only a training set but also a corresponding model file.

By the way, my training set cannot be split into two smaller parts between which there is no label overlap.

Thank you very much!


[hts-users:01925] Re: Parallel training by HERest, Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)