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[hts-users:01963] Polish hts voice - question and win file problems

Hello everybody,

I have already prepared a Polish clunits voice which works fine (mainly thanks to good labelling quality).

Now I am getting ready to train a hts voice from the resulting database.
So far I only have *.utt and *.raw files ready.

Now, I am trying to modify the question file for Polish.
In the phoneset of the clunits voice phones like "t^s, t^S, d^z, d^Z, t^s+" appear.
I have noticed that the syntax of the question file uses caret "^" as a special character.
The question obviously is: would there be any problems or conflicts because of the caret appearing in my phoneset and therefore having lines like
QS "LL-Fricative"            {t^S^*, ...}

in my question file?

Another question is about the   *.win files
Could somebody briefly explain the syntax and the meaning of the values of those files, please?
I have been searching for information on win files in the htk_book as well as on the hts-users ML but so far found no answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Tomasz Kuczmarski

e-mail: faqster@xxxxxxxxx
skype : faqster

[hts-users:01964] Re: Polish hts voice - question and win file problems, Geoffrey Wilfart