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[hts-users:01971] the DR command of HHEd

Hello, everyone,

Could anyone recommend a paper which elaborates the process of converting decision trees to a regression tree (i.e., how the DR command of HHEd works)?

Actually I have found a paper from the references of the HTS Manual written by Dr. Heiga Zen on 27th June 2008:

"J. Yamagishi, M. Tachibana, T. Masuko, and T. Kobayashi. Speaking style adaptation using context clustering decision tree for HMMbased
speech synthesis, in Proc. of ICASSP, Pages 5–8, 2004."

where however there are few details.

Presumbly, DR rewrites the decision tree files in the file format of regression trees. Then some pruning seems to be involved. I am not quite sure about my understanding.

Thanks a lot!

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