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[hts-users:01974] Re: the DR command of HHEd

Hello, everyone,

I'm still looking forward to knowing some details of the process of converting decision trees into a regression tree. My questions are as follows:

1. Not only decision tree structures but also questions are used when AU is carried out. What about DR? Are the questions in decision tree files used when DR is carried out?

2. There are a lot of class definitions in a *.base file, for instance, "<CLASS> 27 {a~t-lw+iy=dh.state[6].stream[5].mix[1],r~d-lw+iy=g.state[6].stream[5].mix[1]}". How does HTS choose such full-context labels for each regression class? The two full-context labels are shortened for better legibility of this email.

3. By the way, I want to confirm one more thing: the two steps, constructing a regression tree (by DR or RC) and adding unseen models of adaptation data, can be swapped, can't they?

Thank you so much!

[hts-users:01975] Re: the DR command of HHEd, Heiga Zen (Byung Ha CHUN)