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[hts-users:01980] Re: Welcome to our (hts-users ML) You are added automatically

I have built my hts database with 200 raw and utts.now I want to increase them.but now when i train with my new .raw and utts i have the following error .please help me.
Creating HMMset using trees to add unseen triphones
  ERROR [+7036]  CreateHMM: multiple use of logical HMM name a^b-a+d=n@2_2/A:0_0_2/B:0-0-3@1-2&16-9#1-1$1-1!0-0;0-0|a/C:0+0+3/D:content_1/E:content+2@10+4&9+3#1+1/F:content_1/G:0_0/H:24=13@1=1|NONE/I:0=0/J:24+13-1
  ERROR [+7060]  InitHMMSet: Error in CreateHMM
  ERROR [+2628]  AddUnseenCommand: MakeHMMSet failed
 FATAL ERROR - Terminating program /usr/local/hts2.1/bin//HHEd

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