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[hts-users:01985] HVite in HTS-SLT-demo


I am new to HTS (although I have some exp in using HTK). I
successfully installed and generated waveforms from the HTS Speaker
dependent training demo.

I am trying to calculate the MCD (Mel-cepstral distortion) for the
basic HTS output. So I disabled GV,split the SLT database into train
and test and used HTS-demo script to train the model with just the
training subset. For the test subset, I separately generated mgc, lf0
and the cmp files.

I would like to use the HMM cmp models (trained on the "training"
subset) to generate state-level alignments for the test set (ignoring
duration models). The HTK alignment tool HVite requires a dictionary,
so I made a "hacky" version by copying all the context-dependent
models twice as

ph1 ph1
ph2 ph2

where ph1 is a full-context model name. I then ran the HVite command

HVite -A -T 1 -a -m -o SWT -y lab -C configs/trn.cnf -H
models/qst001/ver1/cmp/re_clustered_all.mmf.1mix -I
data/test/labels/full.mlf -l data/test/align -S
data/test/scp/test_cmp.scp data/test/labels/full.dict

I didnt get any error, but the alignment failed with message

No tokens survived to final node of network

I guess the there is a mis-match between model/features/dictionary.
Can anyone help me resolve this issue?


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