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[hts-users:02014] Using parent transforms during speaker adaptation

Hello, everyone,

I am trying to introduce a set of parent transforms into speaker adaptation. I notice that HERest has two options, -E and -W, relavant to parent transforms.

Suppose I have already had an HERest command which works well for speaker adaptation without parent transforms. Besides, I have parent regression trees, parent base classes and parent xforms in the folder "parentdir". Is it enough that I simply add "-E ./parentdir cmp.cmllr -W ./parentdir dur.cmllr -E ./parentdir -W ./parentdir" into the HERest command so as to do speaker adaptation with parent transforms? Do I have to modify any configuration files or to do anything else?

Currently, an error message seems to imply that HERest didn't find the parent regression trees and the parent base classes.

Thanks a lot!