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[hts-users:02071] Re: Different samplerates

Dear all,
I found the needed information in previous archived items. Sorry for the unecessary email.

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 10:52 AM, Girish Malkarnenkar <girish1m@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear all,
I am synthesing using sampling frequency=44100Khz wave files with Frame length of 1100 and frameshift of 220. I changed the values in the /data/makefile and also in the config.pm .
However once the synthesis ends and I play the generated .wav files I need to speed up the tempo 4 times in order to get the proper output. So this means that the generation part of training.pl hasn't got the changed information about the sampling frequency. I guess 1mix, 2 mix, stc and hts_engine are 4 different types of outputs right? I am mainly interested in the hts_engine output. Could anyone please tell me what should I modify in training.pl or any other file to get the proper output bu suppling the correct sampling frequency information.
Yours sincerely
Girish Malkarnenkar

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