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[hts-users:02073] Re: Vector Size conflict

Hi Girish,

In my experience it's far better to set variables like mgc order, etc at
configure-time, as suggested in "INSTALL".  That way, you don't have to
worry about all the different places it should be changed.  Have a look
through configure.ac if you want to know what can be set in this way.



Girish Malkarnenkar wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I am working on facial parameter synthesis. For this purpose I replaced
> the .MGC files created by my facial vector binaries and created empty
> dummy lf0 files. I also changed the MGCORDER to MGCORDER    = 194    #
> order of MGC analysis in the data/makefile and also in  # feature order
> in the config.pm <http://config.pm>. When I ran the training.pl I got an
> error that:
> Can't take log of 0 at scripts/Training.pl line 1280.
> Since the problem was with   
> # convert GV pdf -> GV mmf
>    if ($useGV) {
>       conv_gvpdf2mmf();
>    }
> I change the config.pm <http://config.pm> to
> $useGV      = 0;       # turn on GV
> Now my first doubt is whether GV is needed for generation of MGC
> parameters using 1mix or hts_engine?
> Secondly after I bypassed this step I got an error during the
> computation of variances that
> ERROR [+2050]  CheckData: Vector size in
> /home/hp/germanexps/data/cmp/german1.cmp[78] is incompatible with hmm
> /home/hp/germanexps/proto/ver1/state-5_stream-4_mgc-585_lf0-3.prt[588]
>  FATAL ERROR - Terminating program
> /cygdrive/c/Users/hp/Desktop/PROJECTPHASE1/FINAL/HTK-3.4/htk/HTKTools/HCompV
> Error in
> /cygdrive/c/Users/hp/Desktop/PROJECTPHASE1/FINAL/HTK-3.4/htk/HTKTools/HCompV
> -A    -C /home/hp/germanexps/configs/trn.cnf -D -T 1 -S
> /home/hp/germanexps/data/scp/train.scp -M
> /home/hp/germanexps/models/qst001/ver1/cmp -o
> /home/hp/germanexps/models/qst001/ver1/cmp/init.mmf
> /home/hp/germanexps/proto/ver1/state-5_stream-4_mgc-585_lf0-3.prt
> Now as far as I can make out the .cmp was created using the wrong number
> of values per vector (order of 25, *3 for delta and delta-delta =
> 75, I have 3*195  = 585. I think I need to modify the part where the
> cmps are compiled so that "Vector size in
> /home/hp/germanexps/data/cmp/german1.cmp" is "[585]. However I checked
> the part in the /data/makefile where the .cmp files are created and I
> couldn't find any line of code that placed the value of 78 (3*25+3) in
> the cmp files including the header. Can anyone please help me and tell
> me what I need to modify in order to change the .cmp file info of vector
> size?
> Yours sincerely
> Girish Malkarnenkar

[hts-users:02072] Vector Size conflict, Girish Malkarnenkar