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[hts-users:02075] Re: FlatCluster error 7120


Girish Malkarnenkar wrote:

I am running the hts demo after substituting the mgc files with facial parameters and the lf0 files with dummy empty files as my goal is to generate facial parameters after training the system on them. However during the initialization & reestimation of phones I got an error as shown below: The HTKBook identifies the solution as reducing the no of clusters requested. Can anyone tell me where I should reduce this? Also what is the cause of this problem apart from less data? Could it be because I used empty lf0 files while creating the cmp files

I think using empty lf0 caused your problem. If you want to use your own data, you should re-design at least data/Makefile.in and scripts/Config.pm. Released ones are designed for the HTS-demo setting and not universal.


Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)

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