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[hts-users:02077] Re: About festival

For compiling Festival under windows, this may be helpful.
For employing text analyse module into your own TTS engine, please goto flite+hts-engine group.

On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 9:23 AM, brother song <sharpbrother@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
   I want to build a English TTS system based on HTS, except for the HTS, I should do some English text analysis work, as festival is a world famous TTS system for English, when I looked into the source code of festival, I found that it only can be built under linux circumstance (or cygwin), it's not convenience for me to debug it, so I cann't separate the text analyzer of festival. So, is anybody here has the version of festival that can be run on visual studio project? If so, can you send a copy to me?
  Thank you very very much.

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