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[hts-users:02091] Re: adaptation error

Sorry, I remembered wrong, it refers to the filename pattern as Sebastien wrote.

Best Regards,
Balint Toth

Tóth Bálint írta:
Dear Nicholas,

It refers to the 'number part' of the files, you should modify config.pm and extend the corresponding line to


In this case the number part should always be 3 digits long.

Best Regards,
Balint Toth

Nicholas Volk írta:

Trying to do a voice adaptation test for another language.
Must have something wrong somewhere, as I currently get

  ERROR [+999]  Output xform mask */bl_fi_%%%_* does not match filename

from HERest command during speaker adaptation (speaker independent).
Will recheck that I have set up everything correctly, but meanwhile,
can someone explain what the %%% part for the HERest -h option means?


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