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[hts-users:02109] Re: query lab files


Basha S M A wrote:

I have created the .utt files (according to festival format with the help of .segments, .phrases, .syllable etc). Is there any file which converts utt.file into .lab file, (example .lab file format given below) . 0 620000 x^x-pau+pau=ao@x_x/A:0_0_0/B:x-x-x@x-x&x-x#x-x$x-x!x-x;x-x|x/C:0+0+0/D:0_0/E:x+x@x+x&x+x#x+x/F:0_0/G:0_0/H:x=x@1=2|0/I:0=0/J:14+8-2
Can anyone please provide me an example??

HTS-demo performs it by festival's dumpfeats + awk script as

        # Extracting monophone and fullcontext labels from utterance files
        for utt in utts/$(DATASET)_$(SPEAKER)_*.utt; do \
                base=`basename $${utt} .utt`; \
                if [ -s $${utt} ]; then \
                        $(DUMPFEATS)    -eval     scripts/extra_feats.scm \
                                        -relation Segment \
                                        -feats    scripts/label.feats \
                                        -output   tmp \
                                        $${utt}; \
                fi; \
                $(AWK) -f scripts/label-full.awk tmp > labels/full/$${base}.lab; \
                $(AWK) -f scripts/label-mono.awk tmp > labels/mono/$${base}.lab; \

dumpfeats extracts features from utt file according to label.feats, then awk scripts converts them into the label format.

Best regards,

Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)

Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)
Speech Technology Group
Cambridge Research Lab
Toshiba Research Europe
phone: +44 1223 436975

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