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[hts-users:02111] hts_engine_API-1.01 + flite


I am using  flite + hts_engine_API-1.01+ hts_voice_arctic_slt-1.00 from http://hts-engine.sourceforge.net.

However, I can not get the same synthesized speech quality as in HTS demos
on festival online demos, (http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/projects/festival/morevoices.html), using the same voice.
The synthesized speech sounds much more buzzy.

1) How can I synthesis speech, using flite + hts_engine_API-1.01+ hts_voice_arctic_slt-1.00 with the same quality
    as in the demos?

2) What speech encoder is used in hts_engine_API-1.01?

Thank you,


[hts-users:02136] Re: hts_engine_API-1.01 + flite, Keiichiro Oura