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[hts-users:02122] Re: CreateHMM: multiple use of logical HMM name

As I understand, this ERROR happens when the HMM editor create the triphone definition file. So maybe you should recheck the mktri.hed file and hmm9\hmmdefs file carefully to see if there is something wrong with the configurations or monophone HMM definitions.

发件人: Dainora Kuliešienė 
发送时间: 2009-07-24  16:01:20 
收件人: hts-users 
主题: [hts-users:02119] ERROR [+7036] CreateHMM: multiple use of logical HMM name 

I'm new in HTK maybe someone know how to deal with this error
I'm trying to run HHed command

D:\HTK\Models>..\htk321-LT\bin.win32\HHed -H hmm9\macros -H hmm9\hmmdefs -M
hmm10 mktri.hed monophones1
 ERROR [+7036]  CreateHMM: multiple use of logical HMM name i:
 ERROR [+7060]  InitHMMSet: Error in CreateHMM
 ERROR [+2628]  CloneCommand: MakeHMMSet failed
FATAL ERROR - Terminating program ..\htk321-LT\bin.win32\HHed


In HTK book I've found that 
+7036 Duplicate macro
Attempted to create a macro with the same name as one already present. Choose a different name.

It seems that i: was duplicated, but I was not able to find were. I've checked hmmdefs, monophones1 and also mktri.hed files, but haven't found duplicated entries. 
I've been trying even to remove this unit from mentioned files, but still get the same error.

Na Xingyu
Beijing, China