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[hts-users:02124] Re: ERROR [+7036] CreateHMM: multipl

Are you sure that "i:(17 line)  and ^i: (49 line) and even i: (118 line) is interpreted as duplicated?
Because it differs in coding. And were was no problem to create previous 9 models with such coding. How could it be that 9 models accepted such coding and the 10-th doesn't accept?
Despite this, I was trying to remove them one by one but I didn't succeed in creating 10th model.

hts-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Hi, Dainora Kuliešienė
There is multiple use of " i:" in line 17 & 49.

发件人: Dainora Kuliešienė
发送时间: 2009-07-24  17:22:50
收件人: hts-users
抄送: hts-users
主题: [hts-users:02121] Re: ERROR [+7036] CreateHMM: multiple use of logical HMM n
hts-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
В Птн, 24/07/2009 в 10:50 +0300, Dainora Kuliešienė пишет:
> Hi
> I'm new in HTK maybe someone know how to deal with this error
> I'm trying to run HHed command
> D:\HTK\Models>..\htk321-LT\bin.win32\HHed -H hmm9\macros -H hmm9
> \hmmdefs -M
> hmm10 mktri.hed monophones1
>  ERROR [+7036]  CreateHMM: multiple use of logical HMM name i:
>  ERROR [+7060]  InitHMMSet: Error in CreateHMM
>  ERROR [+2628]  CloneCommand: MakeHMMSet failed
> FATAL ERROR - Terminating program ..\htk321-LT\bin.win32\HHed
> D:\HTK\Monophones>
> In HTK book I've found that
> +7036 Duplicate macro
> Attempted to create a macro with the same name as one already present.
> Choose a different name.
> It seems that i: was duplicated, but I was not able to find were. I've
> checked hmmdefs, monophones1 and also mktri.hed files, but haven't
> found duplicated entries.
> I've been trying even to remove this unit from mentioned files, but
> still get the same error.

It still means there are duplicated i somewhere, most probably in
mktri.hed. You just need to look more carefully. Also you could give us
a link on your files, we'll check ourselves.

OK. Here it is


Na Xingyu
Ph. D Student
Recearch Center of Digital Communication Technology
Beijing Institute of Technology
Beijing, China

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