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[hts-users:02135] Re: Can't control the dir and name of the output adapted model~


'-M' option is defined as 'output directory for updated mmf'.
It seemed that your command work well, because '-u ada' option don't update cmp/clustered_cmp.mmf.
You can understand it if you search 'newhmmDir' variable in HTKTools/HERest.c.

Keiichiro Oura

Hi all,
I use the command as follows to generate a transform and saved the adapted model, but I can't control the dir and name of it. It seemed that the command "-B -M " dosen't work at all. *HERest -A -B -C train.conf -D -T 1 -S training100.scp -I labels\full.mlf -m 1 -u ada -w 3 -t 1000 100 5000 -h "*\%%%%%%*.cmp" -H cmp\clustered_cmp.mmf -N dur\clustered_dur.mmf -M cmp -R dur -K xforms\cmp reg_sat1 -H cmp\reg.base -H cmp\reg.tree -Z xforms\dur reg_sat1 -N regTrees\dur\reg.base -N regTrees\dur\reg.tree -C adp.conf -x mmf -y mmf lists\fullall.list lists\fullall.list*
The name list in the *training100.scp *is like "0000000001.cmp".
The files it generated were saved in *xforms\cmp *and* xforms\dur,* including 000.reg_sat1, reg.000.reg_sat1 and clustered_cmp.000.reg_sat1. The last one is model file but wasn't saved in the dir *cmp* and wasn't written in binary. ** Does anyone know the reason?
Thanks very much~

[hts-users:02105] Can't control the dir and name of the output adapted model~, XIN ZHUANG