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[hts-users:02139] query regarding HTS Demo file questions_qst001.hed


I am trying to use the HTS demo for speech synthesis. For training the data,  I created .lab files (after creating.utt files with the help of .segment, .phrase,.syllable,.target,IntEvent files) and then tested with the test files (HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/data/labels/gen/*.lab ) and it worked fine. I have a couple of queries.

1. How to generate the test .lab files if I use different set of test sentences for generation?
Are .segment, .phrase,.syllable,IntEvent files (without time boundaries) only are sufficient to make .utt and then create .lab file for generation of speech? or is there any executable/script to  create .lab file just by taking a test "sentence" as input.

2. I am trying understand the the HTS-Demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/data/questions/questions_qst001.hed file . I think it is based on radio/darpa phone set.  But how to create it if I use different phone set with different test sentences (other than provided in HTS -Demo)?
Can anyone please help me regarding this.

Thanks in Advance
Basha S M A

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