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[hts-users:02156] Re: Problem in "synthesizing waveforms (1mix)"


which sox do you use ? The distribution package ? Or have you compiled sox yourself? If it is the last solution you have forgot to install raw support.



Igor wrote:
I tried run /HTS-demo_NIT-BP221-M001/ and had a problem in Training.pl. When the subroutine /gen_wave($) /is called on "synthesing waveforms (1mix)" routine, I received the following error message:
Start synthesizing waveforms (1mix) at Sat Aug  8 21:45:12 BRT 2009

Processing directory /home/04080004701/Speech/HTS-demo_NIT-BP221-M001/gen/qst001/ver1/1mix/0: Synthesizing a speech waveform from phrase01.mgc and phrase01.lf0... Print 1 Print 3 /usr/bin/sox soxio: Failed reading `-': unknown file type `raw' Error in /home/04080004701/tools/sptk-3.2/bin/excite -p 80 /home/04080004701/Speech/HTS-demo_NIT-BP221-M001/gen/qst001/ver1/1mix/0/phrase01.pit | /home/04080004701/tools/sptk-3.2/bin/mglsadf -m 24 -p 80 -a 0.42 -c 0 /home/04080004701/Speech/HTS-demo_NIT-BP221-M001/gen/qst001/ver1/1mix/0/phrase01.mgc | /home/04080004701/tools/sptk-3.2/bin/x2x +fs | /usr/bin/sox -c 1 -s -w -t raw -r 16000 - -c 1 -s -w -t wav -r 16000 /home/04080004701/Speech/HTS-demo_NIT-BP221-M001/gen/qst001/ver1/1mix/0/phrase01.wav/

In Training.pl, the erros occurs on line:

/"$SOX -c 1 -s -w -t raw -r $sr - -c 1 -s -w -t wav -r $sr $gendir/$base.wav";/

I saw in another demos and the sox command is the same, but here doesnt work.

Thanks in advance.

Eng. Igor Costa do Couto
Engenharia da Computação - UFPa
igorcouto@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:igorcouto@xxxxxxxxx>
Skype: iccouto

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