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[hts-users:02161] Re: problem with gpos in hts


HTS-demo_CMU_ARCTIC_SLT scripts were designed for English.
You should modify setting of festival for your own language.

Anyway, without detail information, I guess that people in this mailing list cannot answer your question.

Keiichiro Oura

somayeh bagherbeygi wrote:
I'm working on my hts voice for my language.I design my question file. I run make command to generate required files tor tarining.When it generates label files from my utts I see that it doesn't use my word pos in my utts.whatever it generates is based on itself.Why?I put my lexicon in festival/dicts/cmudict-0.4.out but it doesn't use my lexicon and pos word.
can  you help me to solve this problem?

Best Regards

[hts-users:02153] problem with gpos in hts, somayeh bagherbeygi