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[hts-users:02172] Re: ERROR of model copy using %mdcp (about Japanese demo)


This bug was already fixed in internal version.
Thank you for your help.

Keiichiro Oura

Daisuke Saito wrote:
> Hi,
> I found a bug in Training.pl of HTS-demo_NIT-ATR503-M001 .
> In the case that %mdcp in Config.pm is uncommented, model training
> stopped as follows.
> ===
> Start initialization & reestimation at ----
> ================================================================================
> =============== A ================
> use a instead of A
> Cannot open No such file or directory at scripts/Training.pl
> line 258, <LIST> line 1.
> This error happens because "a" model is not created before "A" model.
> Though this bug doesn't affect normal model training, it may be a
> problem in the case that the amount of training data is very small.
> I made a patch for Training.pl about this.
> Best regards,

[hts-users:02171] ERROR of model copy using %mdcp (about Japanese demo), Daisuke Saito