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[hts-users:02176] Re:

> Hi,
> I train my hts voice for my language.My result is good but i have a
> problem.If my sentence is short(forexample including 6 words),the result
> voice is slower than long sentences(more than 6 words).Can you solve my
> problem?
> Best Regards
> A.Anderson

Typically speech rate is slower at the beginning and especially at the end
of an utterance. For short utterances you get "too much" of final
lengthening quite often, especially if your speech database does not
contains short utterances.

By looking at the branches of your duration tree, if this is indeed the

Proper solution is to add a sufficent number of short utterances to your
training data. However, this might be too slow or expensive for you.

Thus an ugly hacky solution: modify your label files and question file so
that position in utterance isn't used in dur training (you get rid of one
problem, but get new ones instead, not recommended).


[hts-users:02175], Angelina Anderson