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[hts-users:02183] train simultanously

Can I train two sets of data on one computer simultaneously or not?
I have done this but I have had error during training in two operations.I wanna know this error is because of training simultaneously?

I had the following error in first training:
 ERROR [+7050]  HMError:
HMM Def Error: GetStream failed at char 5349375 in /home/pactosl16/hts-demo/hts-last-kamelanfarsi/hts-demo-894-nolex/models/qst001/ver1/cmp/re_clustered.mmf

and for second trainig I had the error:
Processing Data: S_0033.cmp; Label S_0033.lab
Retrying Beta pass at 1600.0
Retrying Beta pass at 1700.0
Retrying Beta pass at 1800.0

 No path found in beta pass
 WARNING [-7324]  StepBack: Bad data or over pruning
 in /usr/local/hts2.1/bin//HERest

Best Regards

[hts-users:02186] Re: train simultanously, Simon King