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[hts-users:02193] Format and Generation rule of Full context labels in HTS-demo(NIT-ATR503)



I have tried the HTS-demo and now I am analyzing it to apply the same or similar process to Korean Speech Synthesis.

I chose Japanese version of the demo because of close similarity between Japanese and Korean.

However, I could not find how the full context labels given created. There is no explanation about the format or generation rule at all.


I found the English version (CMU_ARCTIC) has a document named an example of context-dependent label format for HMM-based speech synthesis in English. This format looks not the same as Japanese one.


Could anyone give some hint or doc about it?


Thanks in advance.





Seung-Uk Lee.


Voice Interface Lab., KAIST,

Daejeon, Korea.


Phone@Lab: +82-42-350-5556

Mobile: +82-16-643-1415



[hts-users:02194] Re: Format and Generation rule of Full context labels in HTS-demo(NIT-ATR503), Jonas Beskow