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[hts-users:02261] another patch issue


I have recently downloaded htk (2 days ago) and downloaded HTS-2.1_for_HTK-3.4
the same day. Patch doesn't work and a lot of the hunks fail. When I look at files that
fail, I see mismatches with what's in the .patch file and what's in the HTK file. For example,
in HAdapt.c line 28, there is:

char *hadapt_version = "!HVER!HAdapt:   3.4.1  [CUED 12/03/09]";

Whereas in the patch file ln 950, there is

+char *hadapt_version = "!HVER!HAdapt:   3.4  [CUED 25/04/06]";

So I wonder if the hunk errors are related to those mismatches. It looks like some of the htk
files have been updated by CUED this year...


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