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[hts-users:02279] Re: Questions about HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT

Thanks very much for 那兴宇 and Sébastien's replys. I talk about the the training part. I have checked the 'gen' folder, and there is no waveform.
I am doing the training again now. The following is the last few lines of the Terminal:
echo "Running a training/synthesis perl script (Training.pl) in background...."
Running a training/synthesis perl script (Training.pl) in background....
/usr/bin/perl scripts/Training.pl scripts/config.pm > log 2>&1 &
Does this mean that the training is still in process but in background and that I can not shut down the computer until the training finishes? If it is as I just said, how to check whether the training is over?
Thanks a lot
2009/11/9 那兴宇 <nxy-yzqs@xxxxxxx>
Have you checked the background running of the demo?
If so, check the generated waveforms. I don't think there is any waveform in your 'gen' directory.
Then you can see the log file to locate where error occured.

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主题: [hts-users:02276] Questions about HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT
Hi all,

I have installed the demo and no errors has occurred. But the installation took about 30 minutes, not like the INSTALL file says "After composing training data, HMMs are estimated and speech waveforms are synthesized. It takes about 6 to 12 hours :-)".

If the installation is right, what should I do next? Is there a way like festival SayText?

Many thanks

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