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[hts-users:02289] Re: How can I make the utts files from my new database?


First familiarize yourself with Festival framework.

> The database is very huge over an hour. So the manual labeling is very
> hard
> for me.

Use a tool like ehmm (that comes with latest Festvox) or sphinxtrain
to do the initial labeling for you. (I would still manually check it,

> How can I make the .utt files automatically using my database?

Use Festival. I think this has been discussed in the mailing list before
check the mialing list archives.

> Please let me know the way for making the label file!!

If you are using the standard set of questions (and English language),
you can use Festival or Flite+hts_engine version 0.91.
Otherwise you have to modify the programs mentioned above or create your own.

Flite+hts_engine: http://hts-engine.sourceforge.net/


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