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[hts-users:02304] problem of HTS_demo execution

Hi, all

I have a problem for HTS_demo's getf0.tcl script.

I have installed HTS and try to execute speaker dependent training demo HTS-demo_NIT-ATR503-M001.tar.bz2.
but this demo requires the snack library of Tcl/Tk, doesn't it?

before, I have executed this demo on my computer running linux without no problem.
now, I want to execute it onto remote host that I have no privilege and permission of /dev/mixer.
in this case, getf0.tcl script aborts because of /dev/mixer permission like following.

   ~/opt/Tcl-8.4/bin/tclsh8.4 ./data/scripts/getf0.tcl
   Unable to open mixer /dev/mixer
   pitch extract tool using snack library (= ESPS get_f0)
   Usage ./data/scripts/getf0.tcl [-H max_f0] [-L min_f0] [-s frame_length (in second)] [-p frame_length (in point)] [-r samplerate] [-l (little endian)] [-b (big endian)] [-o output_file] [-f0 (output in f0)] [-lf0 (output in log f0)] inputfile

Although snack library is the tool to playback or to recording, I think this demo dose't use these but only getf0.
Dose anyone know good way to avoid this error,
or to use another tools instead of snack library.

best regards,
University of the Ryukyus in Japan.

[hts-users:02307] Re: problem of HTS_demo execution, Keiichiro Oura