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[hts-users:02305] question on dumpfeats

I know Festival's dumpfeats and utt2lab.sh are used to convert festival-style utterance files into HTK-style labels.
Now I want to know if all the utt information like "f0 131.315 ; pos 1.34664 ; 
130 id _119 ; f0 121.315 ; pos 1.33664 ;
131 id _117 ; f0 133.147 ; pos 0.862565 ; " is necessary for converting into htk-style label formats??
which information in utt is used for converting into htk-style label??Does hts use duration information in utt built in festival?IS hts training result dependent on
which duration method in festival is used?


[hts-users:02306] Re: question on dumpfeats, Nickolay V. Shmyrev