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[hts-users:02309] Re: question on dumpfeats


Angelina Anderson wrote (2009/12/12 10:20):

Now It became clear for me.But Now I have another question. I searched in hts mailing list and I found that utt2lab is used for converting utt into htk-style format but I've used "make" command to provide inputs for hts training and when gv,mgc,cmp,f0,labels,scp and list folders were built I used (usr/bin/perl scripts/training.pl scripts/config.pm) command to train.I found that for extracting monophone and full context labels from utt files,"dumpfeats" in festival/examples and then init.scm in festival and then ...are called.I can't find where and when is "utt2lab" used???

utt2lab is no longer used in the recent versions of HTS-demo for English. After dumpfeats, Makefile calls label-full.awk. It converts dumped features to context-dependent labels.


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