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[hts-users:02316] Visual synthesis with HMM


I am trying to make visual synthesis with HHM by generating lip-sync with
I?m using FAPs (facial animation parameters). For each frame I have 68
parameters for the position of each point of the face instead of mgc and
f0, to animate a 3D.

When it comes to the CXCL2 function I get the next error:

// construct decision trees
TB 0.00 fap_s2_  {*.state[2].stream[1-1]}
Tree based clustering based on MDL criterion, threshold=7.963560e+02
ERROR [+7036]  NewMacro: macro or model name fap_s2_4 already exists
FATAL ERROR - Terminating program /home/Borja/tools/htk/HTKTools/HHEd
Error in /home/Borja/tools/htk/HTKTools/HHEd   -A -C
/home/Borja/tools/voices/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT_Borja/configs/trn.cnf -D
-T 1 -p -i -H
-m -a 1.0 -w

I don?t know if it?s due to the fact that I?m using only one stream of
parameters (FAPs) instead of two (mgc and f0). Can someone help me or tell
the possibles causes of this error?



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