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[hts-users:02929] Invalid label format in HMgeTool


I am trying the MGE training tool.
The initial model was a full context model trained by MLE. The cmd I used is mostly like this:

$HMGE -A -C configs/mge.cnf -D -T 1 -c -g -l newlabel/ -H models/cmp/fullcontext.mmf -M newmodel/ -S data/scp/train.scp -L data/labels/full data/lists/full.list

The configuration and model load is done, but error occur when processing the fisrt cmp at the first iteration:
ERROR[+9999]  InitGenInfo: Invalid label format for parameter generation with state alignments.

The number of physical HMMs loaded by HMgeTool is exactly the same as the number of lines of the full list file, so there should not be invalid model/label.

Anyone could give a hint? Thanks in advance!

Na Xingyu

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