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[hts-users:03095] Use reference tree for clustering


I want to confirm if the new feature "Context-clustering can be started in the middle of the tree building" of HTS-2.2 in HHEd could achieve the 2-stage clustering. For instance, load a clustered tree and continue to split each nodes with new QS, then output the secondly clustered tree.

I tried the -q n (with 0~3) and LT command to load reference tree, use TB command to do the new tree building.
However, the tree structure seems to reset while create the root of the trees. It lose the structure of reference tree information I want to keep.

Does anyone know if HHEd in HTS-2.2 could do the work, or I use it in the wrong way?

Thanks a lot


[hts-users:03111] Re: Use reference tree for clustering, Kei Hashimoto