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[hts-users:03165] Internship at Google Speech Synthesis

Hi all,

The speech synthesis group in Google is offering a number of
internships to bright PhD candidates from speech-related technologies.
 If you are good at hacking code, if maths never really was a problem
for you, if speech is what you like to do, if challenge is what you
seek and if you kinda fancy having millions of users for your
algorithms, then probably this is what you would like to do for your
summer.  We are based in Central London, UK, we have a great working
environment and we encourage diversity.

To apply, send us a resume, a letter of interest and two referrals.
For more details, please contact Allison Finn (allisonf@xxxxxxxxxx) or
Tom Woolnough (twoolnough@xxxxxxxxxx).

Best regards,


Heiga ZEN (in Japanese)
Byung Ha CHUN (in Korean)