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[hts-users:03194] Error in /bin/HERest -A -B -C


I am building a voice with HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT using my own database. I already extracted the features, and when I run the script with

$ perl scripts/Training.pl scripts/Config.pm

with good parameters, I get the error :

Error in /home/fastnet/htk_temp/bin/HERest    -A -B -C /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/configs/trn.cnf -D -T 1 -S /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/mjb/scp/train.scp -I /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/mjb/labels/full.mlf -m 1 -u tmvwdmv -w 5000 -t 1500 100 5000  -H /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/models/clcs001/ver1/cmp/clustered.mmf -N /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/models/clcs001/ver1/dur/clustered.mmf -M /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/models/clcs001/ver1/cmp -R /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/models/clcs001/ver1/dur /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/mjb/lists/full.list /home/fastnet/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/mjb/lists/full.list

Actually, the first cmp and lab files seem to have been processed correctly, but at a certain point (just after  Processing Data: CLCS_SCL_M30121RT_41.cmp; Label CLCS_SCL_M30121RT_41.lab), the script stops and I get this error.
How can I get rid of this problem ? If I delete this lab and this cmp, do I have to restart the entire training process, or can I just begin at # HERest (embedded reestimation (clustered)) stage?
Or at least how can I know what the problem is ? Thanks