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[hts-users:03203] A bug in HFB.c


I found a bug in HFB.c; two model reestimation with mixture component
level alignments fails if models have multiple streams.  Here is a
patch code.

--- HFB.c
+++ HFB.c
@@ -2058,7 +2058,7 @@
             norm = LZERO;
             for (mx=1; mx<=M; mx++) {
                if (alCompLevel) {
-                  al_ste = al_hmm->svec[j].info->pdf+1;
+                  al_ste = al_hmm->svec[j].info->pdf+s;
                   al_sti = al_ste->info;
                   if (al_sti->nMix != M)
                      HError(999,"Cannot align at the component level
if number of components is different!");



Heiga ZEN (in Japanese)
Byung Ha CHUN (in Korean)

[hts-users:03204] Re: A bug in HFB.c, Keiichiro Oura