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[hts-users:03221] Re: The new straight demo data Makefile


FFT length depend on the version of STRAIGHT.

Keiichiro Oura

2012/4/9 那兴宇 <nxy-yzqs@xxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> In the new straight demo, sampling rate of the data is 48kHz.
> And the corresponding FFT length of straight spectrum is 2048.
> But in data/Makefile, the -l option of MCEP/MGCEP is set to be 2048 by
> default, which seems unappropriate. Should it be 4096, two times of the sp
> dimension?
> It works this way on my computer, but I don't know if it is a common issue.
> --
> Xingyu Na (那兴宇)
> Beijing Institute of Technology
> naxy(at)bit.edu.cn
> asr.naxingyu(at)gmail.com
> naxingyu at {facebook, twitter, linkedin}

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