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[hts-users:03256] Regarding to the adaptation part of the demo


I want to ask something regarding to adaptation part of HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-ADAPT demo Training.pl script.
I used sentences from several speakers to train a average model, and then used the following parts (1~5) of codes to adapt to specific speaker and generate voices:

1 # HHEd (building regression-class trees for adaptation)
2 # HERest (speaker adaptation (speaker independent))
3 # HERest (speaker adaptation (SI+MLLR+MAP))
4 # HMGenS (generating speech parameter sequences (speaker adapted))
5 # SPTK (synthesizing waveforms (speaker adapted))

The generated adapted voice was ok, but not so good. I want to ask what the following parts (6~9 and 10~13) are for? 

6 # HERest (Speaker adaptive training (SAT))
7 # HHEd (making unseen models (SAT))
8 # HMGenS (generating speech parameter sequences (SAT))
9 # SPTK (synthesizing waveforms (SAT))


10 # HERest (speaker adaptation (SAT))
11 # HERest (speaker adaptation (SAT+MLLR+MAP))
12 # HMGenS (generate speech parameter sequences (SAT+adaptation))
13 # SPTK (synthesizing waveforms (SAT+adaptation))

They all seem like adaptation and voice generation. What is the difference between them(1~5, 6~9, and 10~13)?


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