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[hts-users:03273] About state alignment?

    Now my speech training data for hts software have been labled the phoneme boundary, but now I need the state alignment result for the speech data,I know hvite can do this,but I want hvite can use the labled phoneme boundary,just do the state alignment in the interior of the phonemes not change the hand labled
the phoneme boundary? I do not know how to do this? can someone else give me advice?thank you.

[hts-users:03274] Re: [hts-users:03273] About state alignment?, Oytun Turk
[hts-users:03293] Re: About state =?iso-2022-jp?b?YWxpZ25t?==?iso-2022-jp?b?ZW50GyRCISkbKEI=?=, Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)