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[hts-users:03274] Re: [hts-users:03273] About state alignment?

You may want to try to do state alignment as usual and write some code
to divide your hand alignments proportionally according to state
durations obtained with hvite.



On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 11:05 PM, zhaobin <bin007.zhao@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>     Now my speech training data for hts software have been labled the
> phoneme boundary, but now I need the state alignment result for the speech
> data,I know hvite can do this,but I want hvite can use the labled phoneme
> boundary,just do the state alignment in the interior of the phonemes not
> change the hand labled
> the phoneme boundary? I do not know how to do this? can someone else give me
> advice?thank you.

[hts-users:03273] About state alignment?, zhaobin