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[hts-users:03275] Unseen Model on HTS-Engine


I want to know how to implement a real time TTS system that can deal with unseen models. I trained a set of models and converted to HTS-engine format so that it can easier to synthesize the arbitrary input sentence. But I don't know how this could deal with unseen models. Unseen models always exist for a given set of models. If you want to perform HHEd to make the unseen model to deal with it  and then  convert it to HTS-engine format, it could the very slow for a real time TTS system because HHEd takes a lot of time. Is there any effective way to deal with unseen models?

Lisa Kwan

[hts-users:03276] Re: Unseen Model on HTS-Engine, Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)