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[hts-users:03286] Questions about HHEd and HSMMAlign?

Hi all,
    I  have troubles when I  convert the binary re_clustered_all.mmf file (hts2.2 SD training.pl default output) to text file, the hhed comand following:
HHEd -A -B -C /HTSdemo/configs/trn.cnf -D -T 1 -H /HTSdemo/models/ qst001/ver1/fullcontext.mmf  -w /HTSdemo/models/qst001/ver1/
 fullcontext_text.mmf  /HTSdemo/null.hed    /HTSdemo/data/lists/full.list

but the error occured and it  is “HMM Def Error: Token symbol expected at line 2、col 16/char/18 in the fullcontext.mmf”,Can anyone give me advice?
How to convert the binary model mmf file to the corresponding text file?  
   the se cond question is  HSMMAlign, I want use the re_clustered.mmf model to do  state alignment, Can  hsmmalign do it? How do it?
Can The  hsmmalign  ask the decision tree until arrived the leaf node, then use the leaf node do  state alignment?

[hts-users:03287] Re: [hts-users:03286] Questions about HHEd and HSMMAlign?, Sébastien Le Maguer