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[hts-users:03302] How to label phonetic automatically

Dear ,

I try to synthesis Vietnamese.
it is so lucky, HTS is great tool for this work.

but, i have some problem for phonetic Labelling utterances to train.
it 's so hard for labeling large Speech Database, because it spents time so much and it is not exactly.

Could you please tell me know whether there is tools for labeling utterances automatically ? please.

Can HTS or HTK or Sphinx do it ?

i need your help so much ,
Thank you.

Nguyen Viet Quoc
Student of Computer Science Department
University of Information Technology, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City
Email: viet.quoc.2569@xxxxxxxxx
Mobile: 01689942711.

[hts-users:03303] Re: How to label phonetic automatically, Ninh Khanh Duy