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[hts-users:03338] About getf0 and cmp data file?

Hi all,
    When I prepared the cmp data for training, I found that the *.lf0 file always have two more frames than the *.mgc file, and they are extracted from the same *.raw file. So I checked the ./data/makefile,and I found the *.raw file were added the 0.5ms head data and the 25ms tail data,I guess it maybe the reason,but I don not know why do this?why add the head and the tail? why 0.5ms and 25ms,not others? Can some one known about it? when composing the lf0 and mgc with the SPTK tool merge function,how deal with the the extra lf0 frame? discarded directly?

[hts-users:03339] Re: About getf0 and cmp data =?iso-2022-jp?b?ZmlsZRskQiEpGyhC?=, Keiichiro Oura