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[hts-users:03340] RE: [hts-users:03339] Re: About getf0 and cmp data file?

Thank you for your answer, but I have some further questions about the details of the lf0 and mgc parameter extraction.
1.    Why added 5ms/25ms waveform to  head/tail?  why not other length, like 10ms head or the 5ms tail?  I guess it must have some special reason, I read the getf0.tcl. the default minpitch/maxpitch for speech is  60/400Hz, so if  the autocorrelation method is generally used to caculate the first frame pitch, it should  be added (1/60)s=16.7ms waveform for the head  at least, but now  the number is 5ms/25ms, so can you explain more detail? 
2.   I checked the *.mgc file, it always have less two frames than the *.raw file,  so my question is the discarded two frames is the raw file head two frame or the raw file  tail frame ?
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> Subject: [hts-users:03339] Re: About getf0 and cmp data file?
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> Hi,
> The number of frames generated by Snack (in ActiveTcl) is often lower
> than the number of frames generated by SPTK.
> The internal frame calculation is different between Snack and SPTK.
> Therefore, 5ms/25ms waveform are added to head/tail of the utterance
> before f0 analysis in the HTS demo script.
> Regards,
> Keiichiro Oura
> 2012/6/7 ArthurLeo <bin007.zhao@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Hi all,
> > When I prepared the cmp data for training, I found that the *.lf0 file
> > always have two more frames than the *.mgc file, and they are extracted from
> > the same *.raw file. So I checked the ./data/makefile,and I foun d the *.raw
> > file were added the 0.5ms head data and the 25ms tail data,I guess it maybe
> > the reason,but I don not know why do this?why add the head and the tail? why
> > 0.5ms and 25ms,not others? Can some one known about it? when composing the
> > lf0 and mgc with the SPTK tool merge function,how deal with the the extra
> > lf0 frame? discarded directly?

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