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[hts-users:03374] Re: Which does MLLR transform? On state or model?


The distribution of the mixture of a stream in the state is transformed. If you run the demo and check the transformatin classes and trees, you will find that, either in decision tree based or regression tree based method, the components in a transform class is a mixture. And the transform matrix for each class has the same rank as the variance matrix of the corresponding mixture. 
But this is the result of the default configuration of the transformation stage, I don't know what if anything changes.

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At 2012-06-27 17:44:53,"Kwan Lisa" <lisakwan1102@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: >Hi, > >I want to know in HTS, what will be transformed using the transform >matrix? Does MLLR will be performed to every state or model? I've >traced the HTS script but still not sure about this. > >--  >Lisa Kwan >lisakwan1102(at)gmail.com >Advanced Speech Technology Lab, ASTL >

[hts-users:03373] Which does MLLR transform? On state or model?, Kwan Lisa